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The Sound Pain Alliance is Mt. Baker Pain Clinic, Peninsula Pain Clinic, and Puget Sound Pain Clinic. We are a group of pain management clinics specialized in the treatment of back pain, sciatica, neck pain, cancer pain and other chronic painful conditions. We are dedicated to helping our patients take control of their lives again by controlling their pain. 

Three Practices,
One Mission

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Three Practices, One Mission

Mt. Baker Pain Clinic
Puget Sound Pain Clinic

A Different Approach To Pain Management​

 At Sound Pain Alliance, our aim is to offer cutting edge, innovative interventional pain management options to help patients manage or if possible cure their pain effectively so they can live life as normally as possible. As Washington’s largest and most experienced independent pain management specialty group, we offer patients personalized therapy plans customized to fit their needs. The Sound Pain Alliance has clinics throughout Western Washington, guaranteeing pain management clinics near you. Our goal is to put every patient on the path to a pain-free lifestyle. 

Struggling with Pain?​

From common pain like back/joint pain to more complex forms of pain. We can help you take control of your pain and get back to living your life! Take a look at our “CONDITIONS” page to learn about the various forms of pain Sound Pain Alliance treats, as well as the “TREATMENTS” page to see what types of Treatments we offer. To find a pain management clinic near you, visit our “CONTACT” page.

Pain Management


SPA Providers are trained and experienced in the implantation of minimally invasive chronic pain treatments

Personal Treatment

We treat you like a person and not just a number.

Focused Care

Our providers do not have a blanket template of what to do for peopl in chronic pain, they creat a new plan with every patient.

Innovative Equipment

SPA clinics use the most up-to-date and innovative equipment in chronic pain care

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