How To Televisit


Sound Pain Alliance clinics offer online medical visits, or “Televisits”. Instead of driving to a clinic, filling out paperwork, and then waiting until your appointed time, you can now simply login to your “patient portal” account and begin your Televisit at a time and place convenient for you,  on the web, or through the app. Before beginning your Televisit you need access to our patient portal, as well as access to a phone/tablet or a computer with a camera.

Signing Up

Your clinics office can activate your patient portal on your request. They only need your e-mail. After the account in enabled, you will receive a welcome email within 30 minutes that will include a link to finish setting up your patient portal.

If you forget your username or password, you can click the “Trouble logging in” link on the patient portal and reset your forgotten information. You could also click here to go to that page.

For additional assistance, please contact your SPA clinics office.

Patient Portal

Beyond Televisits, the patient portal is a secure and convenient tool for your various health information. After signing up, you can login from your computer, or on a smartphone/tablet via the Healow app.

Click here to access the patient portal.

Below is a few things you can do through the patient portal:

  • Message your doctor directly
  • Schedule appointment
  • Ask for prescription refills
  • Look up your medical records
  • Ask for referrals
  • View summaries of each appointment
  • Fill our wellness reports (questionnaires)

For a simple walkthrough of the portal click on the “VIEW TELEVISIT PATIENT PORTAL OVERVIEW” button on this page, or the “VIEW TELEVISIT ON HEALOW STEP-BY-STEP-GUIDE” button for a walkthrough of the Healow app.

You can download the app by following the links under “WHERE TO DOWLOAD THE APP” on this page

Questionnaire forms

The “Questionnaire Forms” are forms to help you communicate your current condition (how you are feeling) to your doctor. You can fill out questionnaire forms on the patient portal to have the information automatically saved to your chart.



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